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Lipo Contour Shapewear Medical Grade

(9 customer reviews)

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Quick Overview

● Sculpts Your Body.
● Naturally slimmer appearance.
● Shapes and reduces waist, abdomen, and thighs.
● It adjust perfectly to your body.
● High on back to eliminate annoying bulges.
● Special design to lift the derriere.
● Design with excellent back support.
● Made of materials with highest quality and durability.

*Post Surgical Recommended*


Product Description

This is one of our best seller. it is for losing weight and toning of the skin. This garment is infused by amazing technology that adds comfort and is unique only we have it! It is our design and the fabric contains chamomile to reduce inflammation aloe vera and green tea extract that helps burn fat and also amazing as an anti-oxidant, vitamin E and calendula oil.
SexySkinz offers you the best Medical Grade Shapewear with the approval from the #1 Plastic Surgeons.

9 reviews for Lipo Contour Shapewear Medical Grade

  1. Dina Meyer

    Wow!! Best Money I have ever spent.This shapewear is awesome.

  2. Michelle Smith

    I love this garment. It is light yet firm control. You can’t go wrong with this one!

  3. Jenny Rodriguez

    This shaper is very well designed and very well made. It is very comfortable and compresses all the right places. Excellent price also compared to other brands.

  4. Kassandra Castro

    I was so surprised when I took this item out of the package and felt the material. I couldn’t believe how soft it felt in comparison to other shapewear I’ve owned. I was almost skeptical that it wouldn’t do the job. I was wrong. This is by far the most comfortable and breathable shapewear, I’ve ever owned. It holds you in place. XOXO SexySkinz

  5. Donna Hauser

    I had sworn, I would never buy another shapewear due to the constant discomfort issues. But since my best friend is getting married and I wanted to look my absolute best, I decided to try it one last time. Wow! I must say, I am totally impressed and happy I didn’t give up. I was also extremely surprised the fabric is just AMAZING! Best of all, I got several compliments on how I looked like I lost weight. Needless to say, I couldn’t ask for more!!!

  6. Marilyn Gonzalez

    Nunca me imagine una faja comoda, que me hiciera un cuerpo expectacular y que no me maltratara, tengo un bebe de 4 meses y cuando me probe la faja es como si me hubiera hecho una liposuccion es incredible,me deja mi estomago completamente palno. Ya la oredene en color café y en color negro tambien . Es mi segunda piel, no puedo vivir sin ella!!

  7. Martha Melendez

    What an amazing design! I have never had a product work this well, and believe me, I have tried many famous brands, But Sexy Skinz is the best Shapewear, I’m so happy , No rolling down, or showing under Pants. Just try it and you will see for yourself! I am ordering more.

  8. Marisol Hernandez

    Mi mejor experiencia en fajas, La tela de la 516 es super comoda, mi mejor inversion, tengo muchas fajas de otras marcas, todas me maltratan se me trican en la cintura, es como si tuviera un yeso en el cuerpo, me maltratan en la axila, la verdad ya no las habia vuelto usar… pero mi Mama compro una faja de estas y bajo 35 lb en tres meses, solo la compre para ver si me trabajan igual que ella, no he bajado tanto de peso pero de medidas siii

    Gracias Sexy Skinz recupere mi cuerpo ademas estoy comoda todo el dia.

  9. Marisel Lopez

    I’m completely satisfied with this product it’s very firm and very comfortable. You won’t be disappointed !!!

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