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Take in consideration this information if you recently have gotten a cosmetic procedure.

Stage 1 vs Stage 2?

Our stage one garments are made with a high technological fabric with good stretchiness for your comfort to stop the inflammation.

Stage two fajas starts shaping your body, transitioning smoothly from gentle support to targeted compression which is why our garments are made 2 to 3 sizes bigger on the hip/butt area to not compress the new fat cells (if needed) and high compression on the waist area to get rid of fluid retention and get that desired shape.

Please note some garments can be used for both steps. 

When do you down size? Whenever you feel like the garment is not supporting you as much, its wrinkling on the sides and it’s too easy to put on it means you need to down size. Your own body tells you need more compression.

What about binders? Some specialists only recommend Binders which can be very uncomfortable, not provide enough compression and make your healing process slower. We recommend to switch to a faja as soon as possible to not encounter problems such as lacerations, fluid retention & fibrosis.

Can I use my waist trainer? NO. Waist trainers are made with boning to help it stay in place and they can also create indents on your skin like binders. We don’t recommend to waist train until you are 3 months post-op and they should not contain any latex that can make you sweat, give rashes and stop your healing process. Organic and breathable fabrics are a must on the making of our garments.

Are all Fajas Medical Grade? NO, medical grade garments are engineered to provide constant levels of compression during the recovery process to accelerate recovery and ensure optimal results.  Spandex, generic shapers, or activewear are not optimal for the healing process, nor is it designed for long term wear. 

When you are wearing a faja that is not medical grade you are risking your results. When you are choosing your size make sure it feels snuggled, not too tight and not to lose.

Why should I order more than one garment? It's recommended to order more than one garment for hygiene, optimal comfort, and wearing time. For better healing conditions it's best to have a second garment to wear while the other is being washed.